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Wish Kenwood would announce their new radio!

Hot on the heels (hopefully) of the recently introduced Kenwood TS590s are the rumours of a bigger brother for next year - or hopefully later this year.  Either an update of the TS 870s (which replaced the TS850s) or even better the long-awaited replacement for the TS950SDX base set! - now that would be something, would probably cost a fortune too, but at least I've plenty of advanced warning to start saving!


You may have noticed my regret in never purchasing an 850s or 950SDX when they were available.  Sure, they're available on the 2nd hand market, but you just never know what you are getting, and  although the 950 was rather expensive (at that time) I always felt the 850 should have been added.



Heil Sound!

Just when I thought I was happy with what I've got, my wish list is on the increase - I should have known - especially as a radio shack is never complete.  Adding to my 4m below - Oh yes, the Spectrum Communication 4m transverter is also a possibility - I now have the desire for a Heil microphon.  When you hear these on air and they are set-up correctly, they sound great. Hmm....

4m Antenna Needed

Having received the imported 4m set, obviously the supplied antenna is quite useless.  Will be on the lookout for a 4m vertical, or if there is such a thing a multi-band antenna covering 2,4 & 6m.  Not sure where I can mount all of these antennas with limited garden space and no planning permission - no doubt I can always try and obtain planning permission.

Still haven't got the Welbrook Loop yet!

Not 100% sure when I will get one of these.  I have taken down the Sandpiper MV6+3 for a good cleaning - a friend of mine from work may well be interested in it.  Perhaps he has the patience and time to lay down a million wires for radials as I'm sure that's why mne is not working so well.  Makes sense to get a loop for the lower bands.

Things I still wish to add to the collection!

In no particular order a list of everyday bits & bobs I've always wanted to own.  Not always the biggest, best or most expensive - not always all singing all dancing, just kit I always wanted - some of it no longer made!

Kenwood TS 950 SDX - wish I could afford one when they were being made.

Kenwood TS850SAT - another one that got away.

CobbWebb Antenna - I still hope to get one once I know how I can mount the thing!

Datong FL3 Audio Filter - I have the excellent BHI NES 10-2 but quite liked these too.

Yaesu FT 950 - keep looking and changing my mind!

Kenwood TS440S - back in the day I had matching TS711E & TS811E - would have loved the set!



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