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Decide on a rotator

Need a rotator - light duty to rotate the forthcominf loop antenna - does anyone sell these at a cheap cost any more? - I actually have, or at least had two which could do a job, but of vcourse my loft/attic can at times resemble the Bermuda Triangle when it come to actually locating something.  I think this is why I have so many radios - keep forgetting I bought them.  Actually, as I get older, that may be true - i recently purchased a load of book and have so-far found 4 duplicates!! - I put it down to working too hard:-)

Stop buying kit and get out there and use it!!!

If not summer, then certainly the good weather has arrived.  I have added all sorts of kit and am ready to get out and about portable.  Now have everything I need, and although you can never say never, I can't think about anything else I need.  Wanting is a different kettle of fish.  


More pics Needed!

In view of fairly recent purchases, I notice it is some time since any new pictures were added.  I have a fair few cameras and really ought to justify their existence.  Truth is the shack is in limbo at present and I haven't decided on a final layout.  Some radios will be moved around, some will be boxed and put away for safe keeping and some may be moved on or swapped. 

4m Antennas required.

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