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G0SLQ - George Zero Sugar London Queen

About Me  - Me  and how/why the site came about.

Hello - name is Stephen (Steve) Leslie Quinn - and the G0SLQ was as nearest I would ever get to a fancy personalised car registration - especially as Steve or anything with a Q in (apart from Irish registered cars) are virtually impossible to find - but if anyone ever comes across SKW 1N - please let me know!

At the time of writing I am a 45 year old father of one and grandfather of 3 and I'm divorced. 

Many years ago, I used to have a website dedicated to the 70s - all things 70s - an excuse to relive the music, toys, sweets & fashions of the decade that time forgot.  It was hard work but was getting a lot of hits and some great comments from around the world.  I was with freeserve then and when I left them, the site disappeared.  I never knew about backing up pages etc.  I lost the lot and never had the heart to start again.

 An amateur pal of mine has one of these sites (mm3srf) and having studied his, I saw the potential to do the same myself - as mentioned previously I'm going to be long-term absent from work and this is an ideal project for me to get my teeth into while I have the time.  As mentioned elsewhere, I do intend to keep it updated - I see a lot of these sites that people set up and for one reason or another abandon or lose interest in.  I often have a lot to say, and certainly do quite a lot - I have other hobbies, so when this one gets a little slow, I can let you know the antics of Sunderland Football Club (Season Ticket Holder) or the antics of our feathered friends (I'm also a keen birder!) or even the latest snaps - yep also into photography as well as the wonderfull world of gadgets - but as the other half observes most blokes are into gadgets, but reckons my main hobby is spending money.  Very perceptive these females at times.

Well hopefully these first, fumbling steps will set me in good stead for the future, and the site improves as I add to it.  I'm just trying to fill the pages with something and can edit/amend later at leisure.


Thanks for reading this far - and please sign the guest book!




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