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These links are tested "from-time-to-time" please let me know if any are no longer relevant or being used etc.

Some Radio-Related Links - Some familiar, others not so. Our National Radio Society - a great review site with interactive forums. - another gem of a radio site - all aspects of amateur, cb, scanning, 446 etc. - Waters & Stanton radio suppliers - my emporium of choice. - A good source of antennas at reasonable prices! - I love the theory behind this antenna - check out the CobbWebb - I'll own one some day! - for the brave and fearless - pimp your rig - at your own risk of course etc. - pictures of radios going back to Adam's first crystal set.

The Listeners Guide - A fabulous SWL'ing guide with so much info, and a great writing style - Getting kitted out for SOTA - SOTA - The whole story - Julian's excellent site - Stealth Amateur Radio  - CW Appreciation and much, much more!







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