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G0SLQ - George Zero Sugar London Queen


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Hi Steve, just read your review on I pro, I had one year's ago & sold it. Bad idea. Hope you well, spending all your cash on Sunderland fc. Be good take care, looking to get back in to hobby soon. As got no gear left. Sold it all year's ago. Just signed back into transmission 1 .
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Reply John
2:07 PM on August 4, 2013 
Hi Steve,very nice site,all the best,26at367
Reply g0slq
9:35 AM on October 29, 2011 
My 8 year old grandson has a better command of the English language than some posting abuse on this guestbook. He would probably show his name too!

Rather tiresome having to remove childish remarks.
Reply George
8:44 PM on February 20, 2011 
Hello Steve,
I'm SWL.
Congratulations on the website, very interesting.
My question is about the receiver Realistic DX-302, I read his review on .
the question is simple, the original telescopic antenna that brings this receiver is connected to SO-239??, I think it is normal for such an antenna used by scanners with BNC connector.
Thanks for clearing this point.
Have a nice day
Reply g0slq
6:24 AM on January 10, 2011 
Bernie says...
Hi Steve, great Website! I googled a bit to get info reg. I-Pro ant, and read your "report". As I suffer from limited space and ham-hating neighbors I guess this one will help for generating some level of confusion to them.
Thanks for all tests, I will probably construct my own ant but using the basic idea. Reading your site forces me to update mine....
vy 73! Bernie

Aus Geseichnet Bernie! Es freut mich dich zu hoeren!
Reply g0slq
6:15 AM on January 10, 2011 
Happy New Year everyone! (belatedly) hope 2011 is a great one for everyone! - 2010 was a truly awful year for me so I for one am glad it has gone. Hope everyone has a great year, with fantastic contacts!

Reply mike
4:26 PM on December 7, 2010 
Very intersteing and a great insight in to your radio's. I had completed my m6 licence about 6 months ago and am just about to purchase my first radio being the yaesu ft857 as I use one at my local radio club and it a very nice radio to use. Many thanks again and keep up the good work regard's Mike m6fay
Reply Bernie
6:21 PM on November 30, 2010 
Hi Steve, great Website! I googled a bit to get info reg. I-Pro ant, and read your "report". As I suffer from limited space and ham-hating neighbors I guess this one will help for generating some level of confusion to them.
Thanks for all tests, I will probably construct my own ant but using the basic idea. Reading your site forces me to update mine....
vy 73! Bernie
Reply Andy M0TTB
3:46 PM on May 14, 2010 
Good to see you have updated your site, Steve.
Reply g0slq
9:41 AM on May 9, 2010 
Thanks for encouraging comments all. Have added the Charlie Tango link ;-) and am endeavouring to keep the site up to date - even if little change is taking place. Trying to avoid it being a Blog-only site with daily comments of my trip to the shops etc.
Reply 26CT100
2:48 PM on May 8, 2010 
Hi mate!

Fancy swapping links?
Nice website! Let me know mate!


Reply 26 tm 315
3:23 PM on March 28, 2010 
hi steve. fantastic site mate . keep up the good work
Reply Andy G1HBE
7:57 AM on March 15, 2010 
Hi Steve. Finally got around to having a look at your site, and I'm impressed by the number of transceivers you have. Cor! Anyway, keep at it, I'm sure you'll soon fill your storage allocation like wot I have. I tried to add a sound sample the other day and I was informed I had no room left! Gah, out with the axe!
Reply g0slq
12:47 PM on March 10, 2010 
Hi Matt - never considered myself or been described as rich! I'm fortunate to be in work but have fewer overheads than most. Once your mortgage is paid and the family grown even a little goes a long way ;-)
Reply Matt
11:00 AM on March 10, 2010 
Wicked site Steve love it to pieces u have a lot of radios for sure! U must be rich as well. Will be back for another look soon have fun all the best crowman!
Reply John G8JIT
8:23 PM on February 23, 2010 
Like your website Steve, your shack looks like an emporium. I would have a go at Dstar if you fancy it. is my regular forum.
Relaxed - but a better crew all round, a few idiots - but thats expected. I hope to be back on Dstar once I can find another job. (If ever) 73 John G8JIT
Reply Martin
8:45 PM on January 16, 2010 
Interesting little site - many thanks for sharing your interest.

It all helps to make the world go round doesn't it?


Martin - G4FUI
Reply g0slq
1:13 PM on December 27, 2009 
Hopefully back up and running - not sure what happened to the guestbook - I suppose it was because I never upgraded to the new one.
Reply MM6LAD
6:57 AM on December 4, 2008 
Nice Site Steve....well done!!!!!!

nice selection of Radios you have there.
Reply Steven Scott
9:15 AM on October 11, 2008 
Hi nice site. Will pop back and see whats happening soon. Steven, Scottish Borders.
Reply ade
6:04 AM on September 28, 2008 
oh no ive stumbled into this dark website again!!!,where are the crayons?
cheers steevieeeee
Reply ade
10:35 AM on September 21, 2008 
oops...oh well its nice to get the point across.!:lol:
Reply ade
9:53 AM on September 21, 2008 had better help steevie out mate.i dont think his radio gear will actually make the trip!...better give steevie the other tin can attached to that long piece of string !(ps. it dont work around corners!)
Reply adrian
4:18 PM on September 18, 2008 
hi matey im back on net now,catch up with u soon
Reply G7MBH
11:14 AM on August 30, 2008 
Good to see the site-think I may have worked you at some point in the past, though I've been rare dx for a few years now-in fact I've lost my radio!!
Thinking of getting an ft817 if I can afford it after some decorating etc-it's about time I made some use of my licence!
Great site, envy the shack!

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