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G0SLQ - George Zero Sugar London Queen

Welcome to my website & world of radio ramblings - probably!

Hello and welcome to the pages of G0SLQ - first licenced as G7KBQ in July 1991.  Location is the tiny village of Springwell in the town of Gateshead, but very near the town of Washington in County Durham.  Washington being the ancestral home of ol' George Washington himself - American President and unlike Mr Clinton, famed for NOT telling untruths -  Sort of midway between the cities of Sunderland and Newcastle for anyone not knowing the area.  Have been interested in radio since the pioneering days of illegal AM Citizens Band Radio in 1980, and also had an interest in Short Wave Listening (SWL) Scanning, and indeed anything that can be listened to - legitimately or otherwise!

My current equipment is listed below, but I tend to like adding to it all the time  - so it may well be out of date quite often lol.  I tend not to sell stuff though as I always live to regret it.  Nowadays seem to listen a lot more than talk - this may be changing though with the purchase of new mobile and portable equipment - So listen out for G0SLQ/P from the Durham hills.


 Current Radios for HF

Icom IC7100 - Yaesu FT1000MP - Icom IC7400 - Kenwood TS480HX - Kenwood TS480SAT - Yaesu FT857 - Alinco DX77 - Yaesu FT840 - Yaesu FT817 - Kenwood TS430S


Current Radio for D Star

Icom IC-E92D  2m/70cm + D Star


Current Radios for VHF/UHF

Wouxun KG-699 4m handset (FM only) - Kenwood TR751E (2m multimode) - Yaesu VX3E - (2m/70cm) Yaesu FT7800 (2m/70cm)  - Kenwood THF7E(2m/70cm) - Kenwood TH215E x2.


Current "Listening Radios"

Kenwood R-2000 (HF c/w VHF Converter) - Realistic DX394 - Uniden Bearcat BCT-15 - Uniden Bearcat UBC785XLT - Yupiteru MVT7100, Uniden BC-92 (with Closecall)


Current Antennas Portable

Sandpiper HV6+3 (9 Band Vertical) - Buddipole de-luxe kit - I-Pro Traveller 10-20m centre-fed vertical dipole



-Half-wave vertical (10m) - G5RV - 40m G-Whip End-fed Zepp - 20m G-Whip End-fed Zepp - 10m G-Whip End-fed Zepp -6m G-Whip dipole - 7ele ZL Special (2m) - 13 Element Yagi (70cm) - Diamond X-50 (dualband co-linear) - Slim Jim (2m) - Discone antenna - 9ft whip - and too many mobile antennas to list inc. Pro Ams for 6m, 10, 15, 20, 40 & 80m as well as a 2m/70cm dual bander  - 2x 45m Longwire listening Antennas - Nomad "Active" scanning antenna



Icom SM20 - Heil Traveller (headset) Astatic 575-M6 Teardrop



Other Items of Note

MFJ 993b Auto ATU - MFJ 259B Antenna Analyser - LDG Z100 Auto ATU - BHI NES10-2 DSP Noise Eliminator Speaker -  MFJ 902 Travel Tuner (manual) Datong FL3 analogue filter.


Other Radios

Ranger RCI 2950DX (24-32 mhz 10/12m SSB) - Uniden 2830 - K-Po DX-5000 (26-30Mhz) -    Ham International Jumbo - Superstar 3900 - Superstar 3900 EL - Superstar 3900 EFT- Superstar 360FM - Superstar 2000 -   Colt 1200DX (conv to 10m) - Intek M-760 (Multi-standard EU)-Midland 248 80ch UK FM -     Maycom EM-27 80ch 11m UK FM -   York JCB 863 (with EU) - Binatone Five Star (with EU) - Harvard 420M - Sapphire X-4000 - 2x Uniden 885 - 446mhz PMR


SOTA & Portable kit
SB270 2m/70cm lightweight beam (inc. 6m RG58) c/w 7m portable telescopic mast, guying kit. Link dipole for 20/30m - MFD - Multi function dipole - Yuasa 12v 7A batteries for true portable power



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